Serious Sushi

I love a good sushi, especially Unagi (eel) variations.

Eel on top. Inside avocado, egg, crab stick. Flowers non-edible but the gold was. Unfortunately, no taste – the gold obviously. The roll pieces were a little bit big to fit in one go but super delicious!
Eel, avocado and egg inside with more avocado on top.
This is foie gras! Not bad, I just associate foie gras with France, not sushi.
One can never go wrong with tuna sashimi. This one just melted in mouth. Amazing.

Nice interior, interesting beer flavours, and many more unusual food varieties. Not cheap but worth it.

Eaten at 123 Ichi Ni San Japanese Restaurant, Bangkok, Thailand.


Khmer Food 2

Sizzling beef strips with beans and peanuts. Scrimp spring rolls with peanut dip.

A word of warning – if you are allergic to peanuts you might want to bring lots of EpiPens to Cambodia. Almost every dish had peanuts in it.

Eaten at Palm Village Resort & Spa, Siem Reap, Cambodia.


Entering Angkor Thom

One of my favourite cycle moments… approaching the South Gate towards Bayon. It’s the first time you encounter those faces. Like most temple complexes, Angkor Thom is also surrounded by a moat. The bridge is lined with Asuras (demons) and Devas (deities) pulling the tail of Naga, the multi-headed cobra. This is part of the story “Churning of the Sea of Milk” and can be found everywhere in Angkor.


Khmer Breakfast

Rice porridge with chicken, bean sprouts, mushrooms, onions and roasted garlic on top. Add chilli paste if you dare. I did not.
I’ve realised I am more a pancake & fresh fruit morning person. Yum

Eaten at Palm Village Resort & Spa.