Pre-Sunset Mood

After a long day of cycling around the temples there were always three places I came past on my way back: Bayon, its South Gate and Angkor Wat.

Here are some photos taken with the sun getting lower. I never stayed for sunset. Just too many tourists and tuk-tuks about.


The faces are looking even more benevolent in the sunny glow.

One of my favourite photos

Angkor Wat with its famous mirror image on the moat.

Meditating? No, he was waiting for a food delivery. Honest!

Chau Say Tevoda Temple

This is another great example what having UNESCO World Heritage status helps with.

The temple was in a dilapidated state with 4,000 of its elements lying scattered on the embankment and in the Siem Reap River. Can you imagine?
Many of the elements were used in the restoration and recreation work carried out by a team sponsored by the People’s Republic of China between 2000 and 2009. The temple was reopened in late 2009.

Several countries such as France, Japan and Germany are currently involved in Angkor Wat conservation projects.


Ta Keo

A very pretty Khmer temple mountain, possibly the first one entirely built of sandstone.

This temple is undergoing partial restoration, like many others. Ta Keo’s restauration is supported by China.


Ta Prohm

This temple started out looking like all the others: partially crumbled walls, some towers, lots of bas relief carvings…

So why was this one as crowded as Angkor Wat? Because it was a filming location for a Lara Croft movie. Yes, the one with the creepy tree roots!


Prasat Kravan

I am doing the red route today. See partial map below.
The sun was glaring down when I finally reached this temple. I had quite a long way to cycle around Angkor Wat (8 km) to get to this small 10th-century temple. I really liked the reddish brick.
Kravan is located south of the artificial lake called Srah Srang.

Against the sun but I think it makes it look more impressive.


Monkey Business

They draw crowds, that’s for sure. The monkeys of Bayon. You spot a tripod, you spot a monkey.

The monkeys have an easy life. They get fed fresh fruit every day by tourists and photographers. I heard stories that they try to pick pockets, the monkeys, not the photographers.

Who is the entertainment here?

“Don’t get too close kid, they might have Covid.”