My fav eatery in Bangkok

I was a little bit worried about street food to be honest. We Westerners do have a different hygiene standard, however, I got salmonella in a 4 star restaurant in Hamburg once, so maybe not?

I think it’s best not to see the kitchen, just to enjoy the food. Well, having said that I actually enjoyed watching my food being prepared at NAVA Pad Thai. The kitchen is at the front of the restaurant, very open, very organised, very simple.

Open from 10am to 7pm they are cooking non-stop. Many locals order lunch in advance. Always a good sign when locals eat there.

Every day after my sightseeing I went straight to NAVA, and got greeted like a regular. I would get a watermelon smoothie from next door then settle down in the small, air conditioned restaurant and watch the magic happen.