Sunny Greetings

Welcome traveller, to a travel blog with a twist.

I am Mo (short for Monika). I am German but live in the UK now. A travel blog had been on my agenda for some time. I always have been interested in foreign countries, cultures and traditions. There is so much to see, to taste, to learn and to be amazed by.

In my early travel years I have done my fair share of organised travel tours consisting of hotel, beach, sunburns, drinks and partying all night long, usually peppered with one or two day trips to touristy points of interest. No towels on sun loungers, I swear.

Fairly soon I started to go off the beaten track. There is nothing more fun than creating your own road trip, researching along the way, getting lost in all the options, finding beautiful locations to stay or deciding on the perfect rental car (and hackling over the extras). It can be time consuming but also fun and deepens the pre-holiday anticipation. I usually would download pictures about the top locations from the internet to my screensaver and set a countdown widget on my desktop. My colleagues would hear the occasional sigh and find me staring at my PC in trance. They found that certainly more bearable than random announcements of how many days, hours, minutes – and sometimes even seconds – left until my next adventure would start.

During most of my self organised travels I have stumbled upon some random sites and noticed features that are often overlooked. These odd bits I wanted to collect in one place – for me, for my family & friends and for whoever is interested. I hope you will find them entertaining and maybe take some inspiration with you.


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